DeborahYanni : SkinCare Week Day 3: Clinque Clarifying Toner and Moisturizing Gel

SkinCare Week Day 3: Clinque Clarifying Toner and Moisturizing Gel

Well well well. Look who's a bit late to class this morning. Blame it on vacation mode and the fact that I was a bad blogger and didn't pre-plan this post. La loo. 

Let's get right to it! 

Today is the last installment of SkinCare Week and today we're talking about my current love of this Clinique toner and moisturizing gel that's changed my life. Ok, I may be a bit dramatic. 

Seriously, it's great tho. I'm sure you've heard just as much as I have about Clinique's awesome SkinCare line and I've been itching to try their toner and moisturizing gel for oily skin. 

This toner is made to specifically target combination/oily skin which is perfect for me. I'm not a fan of the smell since it's a bit harsh and sour but the product itself is great. I've seen a difference in just a few days. It's hard to explain what a toner does but if you haven't used one just try it in your routine and notice the difference. It helps to remove any leftover dirt and makeup after cleansing as well as create a super clean canvas for your moisturizer. 

Now this baby has been a lifesaver. I've tried the Clinique moisturizing lotion but the gel is targeted toward combo oily skin so of course I had to try this too. It's great. It spreads evenly throughout my skin and leaves it super smooth. It also doesn't have a greasy residue and absorbs quickly. I've also noticed that it's controlled quite a bit of my oiliness which is always a good thing. 

If you've wanted to try Clinique skin care products and have hesitated, definitely give these a try. They of course have others specifically targeting different skin types. 

I purchased my products from Sephora. 

I hope you all enjoyed SkinCare Week! Have an amazing weekend. I know I will! ;)

xoxo, Deb

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  1. I lov Clinque products! Thanks for sharing you review!



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