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Savannah 2014 | Picture Heavy

07 April 2014 2 comments
*blissful sigh*

That's the only way to describe this past weekend. As most of you may know, I've had my anniversary trip to Savannah planned since last year's trip and I couldn't be happier with the way the whole trip turned out. I'm going to put as much detail into this post as I can but it's also going to be very picture heavy so get ready!

We usually rent a full size car for our trips but since we would be in a perfect location for walking and no driving, we decided to go with a subcompact. I hated the car but hubs thought it was great. I called it the Peanut. It served it's purpose. 

I'm not sure if any of you have ever used AirBnB before but it's phenomenal! It's a website where people list their houses/apartments for rent for any number of days. It's really easy and a lot of the time you can find a rental for half the price of a hotel in the same area. My amazing friend RuthAshley told me about it since she used it for several of her trips and it came highly recommended. This is the building that we stayed in. It was a cozy one bedroom apartment that was in a perfect downtown location. I couldn't have asked for anything better. The person that we rented from was super sweet and always available if we needed anything. I will definitely be using this website again.
The view of Oglethorpe Square from in front of the apartment building.
The kitchen (that door is the one she uses to enter and exit the apartment)

The bedroom
The bathroom
The opposite side of the living room
The balcony and view of Oglethorpe Square
Of course our first stop is Wet Willies for me :)
And The Warehouse for hubs
Watching the ships come in is a MUST when we're in Savvy.

Fiddler's Crab House has a story behind it for us. We went here our first year and got seated in a corner table for two on the balcony. We loved it. Our second year we, coincidentally, got seated in the same exact spot! From then on we knew every time we went to visit we had to sit there. Last year it didn't work out too well because it rained and we had to get seated inside because the balcony was closed. But this year the weather was amazing and we weren't taking no for an answer. Literally. When we arrived there was a couple already sitting there so we told the host that we would like that table and were willing to wait for it. So we headed down to the bar and had some drinks until we were called. We ended up waiting OVER AN HOUR (I think almost two) for that couple to move. They were taking their sweet time eating and chit chatting but since we waiting long already it was pointless to leave. So we stayed and we were so glad we did. The server was great and the manager even gave us a discount. Win.

There was a guy playing sax down below us so it was really great dinner music. lol
I thought this bus was cool.

My most favorite house in all of Savannah. The Mercer Williams house. It's one of the reasons we even came to Savannah four years ago. After watching the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, we had to come visit. Watch it if you haven't. It's based off of a nonfiction book by John Berendt.

Six Pence Pub (featured in the movie Something to Talk About)

Tybee Island Beach

Our favorite bar on Tybee, Rock House! Best. Wings. Ever.

On the rooftop of the Grand Bohemian hotel on River Street. Great atmosphere and amazing view. Oh! And I saved a dogs life in the lobby of this hotel. Yes, yes, it's true. Story for another time tho. lol
Moscow Mule (it was gross)
After they took the Moscow Mule away I went with what I knew, whiskey. ;)
Crab cakes. Yum. I swear I ate one at every restaurant we went to.

There was a ton of walking around, meeting new people, laughing and just having a good time. This trip was so far my favorite of all of them. They just seem to be getting better. 

xoxo, Deb


  1. Savannah is on my radar and your pictures just make me want to visit more!! Looks like you had a great time!

    Holly :)

  2. Love all your photos! We went to Savannah for my 30th birthday in December and fell in love with the pace as well as the food. We never made it to Tybee Island though which was on our list to do but December was too cold for that. Looks like you had a fabulous trip!


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