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08 April 2014 1 comment
It's DoBetterTuesday here in the interwebz and what better way to celebrate than with a few things that have been inspiring me lately.

First I have a bit of news... I joined a gym yesterday. Some of you may not see that as a big deal but to me it definitely is. I've never been a part of a gym before let alone workout on a regular basis. That's one of the reasons for this post. I've been inspired by so many people getting their workout on that I've decided that it's now or never. I haven't been very happy with my body for a while now and I stopped complaining a long time ago because if I'm not going to do anything about it then why complain. So yesterday I took the first stop to a new me. I'm determined. Now I've just got to push myself to go often enough to make this change stick. Wish me luck!

Nails! I've started to get my nails done again and I'm still a bit indifferent about it. These aren't my nails but I think this is the style I'll get next. I just love how natural they look. I'm definitely getting used to the length because they are a bit longer than I'm used to but I enjoy the change, for now. 

Since it's starting to heat up here in Central Florida pretty quickly, I've had my eyes on some fun bright colors for summer. I'm definitely a neon girl and cant get enough of these cute bracelets and shorts. You can find them popping up everywhere lately. I'll definitely be snatching a few once I start seeing results from working out.

What has been inspiring you guys lately?

Btw: these pics are all from Tumblr and can be found on my Tumblr blog by clicking here. Follow me if you have one too!

xoxo, Deb

1 comment

  1. Your nails are very pretty! What kind of style is that?


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