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15 March 2016 Leave a Comment
Jawbone Up 2

Right after my trip to DC last year I dropped a quick note about purchasing a Jawbone Up Move to start tracking my fitness. Shortly after that Jawbone came out with a new look for their Jawbone Up2 tracker and I mentioned how much I love it here and here. Today I wanted to share with you the exact tracker that I have and what I think about it. 

Jawbone Up 2 Oat Spectrum

This is the Jawbone Up2 in Oat Spectrum. I've had this tracker now since around October 2015 and I really do love it. One of the main reasons why I love it so much is because it looks like a bracelet when I'm wearing it. That's one of my biggest hang ups with fitness trackers. I love the FitBit Charge HR and I've really debated on purchasing a few times to replace this one. I just can't bring myself to do it. I hate the chunky look of those fitness trackers. This tracker has a really nice light gold color to it and the band is a grey/beige color that goes really well with it. I find that since I wear gold most of the time this matches really nicely.

Jawbone Up 2 Oat Spectrum

This is the underside of the tracker. As you can see, it doesn't come apart. Those little dots plug into the charger that I'm showing you next.

Jawbone Up 2 Oat Spectrum

This little charger is a USB and comes with your tracker. It's a grey color and just plugs into any USB port for easy charge. The Jawbone Up2 keeps charge for up to 9 days. That's really great for me since I forget to charge it every so often. I've started to set a reminder to charge it every Sunday even if it still has a little charge left. My recommendation is, if you don't mind missing out on a night of sleep tracking, plug it in to be charged over night and when you get up it's ready to go.
Jawbone Up 2
This is a snap shot of the app that you can get with any Jawbone you purchase. I love the app. It's super easy to use and gives you tips on your fitness as well as a weekly breakdown of what your activity has been like. As you can tell I haven't been very active this morning. That will pick up this evening when I go for my run. You may also note that I don't have any sleep tracked for the prior night. I stopped tracking my sleep a while ago. I just didn't see the need for it so now I take my tracker off before bed. It's all up to personal preference. You can also click the little blue plus button at the bottom of pic one and track food and activity/workouts. Overall the app offers a ton of options and I find it extremely helpful.

If I had one negative thing to say about this tracker it would be that it doesn't have a little screen on the front that you can check your progress on throughout the day. I wish I didn't have to go into the app to see my progress. But I guess that's just the price I pay for it to look like a bracelet.

I find that the tracker is pretty accurate and I don't have any issues with it keeping up with any activity that I do. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something to help keep you accountable and more conscious about your activity. I never realized how much I needed it until I got one.

What do you guys think? Jawbone or FitBit?


*Affiliate links used. All opinions are honest and my own.*

Planning 2016 With My Passion Planner

29 February 2016 Leave a Comment

Happy Leap Day! I never really understood the whole Leap Day thing but I guess it's pretty cool. It must suck for those people who have a birthday today tho. lol

Today I wanted to show you guys the planner that I'm using for 2016. Tomorrow is March 1st and I haven't said a peep about what I've been planning with. Usually I'm quick to write a post about my new planner. Sheesh.

If you've been around the blog for a while you know that I'm a die hard Erin Condren Life Planner fan (posts here and here). I've also purchased a Happy Planner (ended up giving it away) and use my Kate Spade planner (my baby) when I'm in the mood for a new look.

I came across the Passion Planner on Instagram late last year and was hooked the minute I saw it. The main reason why I wanted it was because the whole purpose behind the Passion Planner is to help you visually plan out your goals and work every week and every month to accomplish them. It wants you to not only plan your daily tasks but also focus on accomplishing your goals at the same time. 

In this post I'm not going to get in too deep about the planner. Just going to show you how I use mine. If you want a more detailed post just let me know. :)

As you can see I like to keep my decor pretty simple in this planner. I love using colorful gel pens to make the pages pop since the whole planner is printed on grey scale. I also use diary stickers for added fun. There's usually no particular reason for each sticker. I just place the ones I want where I want. 

At the end of every month it gives you a two page spread of reflection questions for you to fill out. I still haven't filled out one of these sections yet. smh

This is the first page of the monthly view. As you can see it helps you break down your focus at the top, list people to see, places to go, and things to NOT do over the month. It also helps you list out projects for the month. If you're a super busy person and need help prioritizing, this is great!

Here's the monthly view. I really should use this section more. It's a great "at a glance" view of the whole month. 

At the very back is a small expandable pocket. I keep some Erin Condren stickers, post it notes, and a few diary stickers back there. I don't like it too bulky but the pocket can hold a lot. 

Overall I love the simplicity of this planner. It allows me to break down my day in any way that I want. I found that I had too much blank space in my other planners and this one allows me to fill it with things that keep me focused. I keep it in my purse and take it everywhere with me. I love that it's not too bulky.

I will usually write in my appointments for the week then decorate around them. I write in my devotionals, draw, put stickers, etc. Just anything that I want to decorate with. At the end of the week I love how colorful everything looks. It just puts a smile on my face. 

What are you guys planning with this year?


Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

24 February 2016 Leave a Comment
This product was provided to me free by Influenster for my honest review. 

I don't talk about mascaras much on here. I find one I love and usually stick to that. I'm still in a serious relationship with my Jordana Best Lash Extreme. Always and forever. But this mascara is something special.

I love big voluminous lashes. This mascara gives me that. It reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Even the wand looks almost identical.

This Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is amazing! I'm so thankful for Influenster because without them I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this mascara in store.

It's a rich black color and instantly coats your lashes with a thick black coat making them look instantly fuller.

The wand is very full with thick bristles. It almost looks a little messy and intimidating. As if you'd get mascara everywhere. I think that's just so you don't miss any lashes. I feel like this wand finds lashes that I didn't realize I had.

You can find this mascara at Sephora for $26.


Questions Answered By My 9 Year Old

22 February 2016 Leave a Comment
A friend of mine on Facebook posted this list of questions that her 5 year old answered and the answers were hilarious!

She encouraged everyone to copy and paste the questions and have their kids answer so I decided to post my answers here. 

Aiyanna Age 9
  1. What is something I always say to you? I love you. (*cries hysterically* she's so sweet!)
  2. What makes me happy? Coffee. (Yasssssssssss!)
  3. What makes me sad? Me being bad. (duh!)
  4. How do I make you laugh? When you sing. You sing really weird. (-_-)
  5. What was I like as a child? Happy. :)
  6. How old am I? Ooh this is easy. YOU'RE 30. (She's so rude.)
  7. How tall am I? Ummmm... 5'1? (Close! I'm 5'2)
  8. What is my favorite thing to do? Go on Instagram. (Judge me!)
  9. What do I do when you're not around? Go out with Ms. Denika or chill. (Ayyyeee)
  10. What am I really good at? Taking pictures. (Ummmm)
  11. What is something I'm not good at? This is easy! You're not good at math. (Death to math homework!)
  12. What do I do for a job? You're an assistant. 
  13. What is my favorite food? Chicken alfredo (it's not lol) 
  14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Watching tv. (Sweet girl)
Getting these answers was like pulling teeth!! I think she thought if she didn't give me the right answer she was in trouble! lol 

If you guys have kids, cut and paste the questions and add your own answers. Prepare to laugh!! 

Thanks, Christy!!


Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

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Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

I'm pretty excited to share this with you all today. I've just recently learned about oil pulling from one of my most favorite bloggers, Hey Fran Hey. She's a part of a podcast called The Friend Zone and on one episode her wellness segment talked about oil pulling and its benefits. I wasn't completely sold on the idea but I decided to give it a shot for real when I watched a video on YouTube from a vlogger I follow on IG, Symphani Soto, and how she keeps her teeth white with oil pulling. I knew I had to try it after that.

If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with keeping my teeth white. They can never be white enough. I'm not one of those crazy people that tries any and everything to keep their teeth white, well almost anything (everything in moderation) but I like to do some research and then make an educated decision. Since this is a natural process, I figured I didn't have anything to lose.

That large tub of coconut oil pictured above is from Costco (around $12). The husband got it when I asked him to pick up some coconut oil for me. SMH I really didn't need something that big but oh well. Men.It ended up working out because since I got it, I've started to look up other uses for coconut oil. I use it in mine and my daughters hair and to moisturize my body after a shower. It's seriously amazing stuff.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

The Process: Every morning after my shower, I get a teaspoon and scoop some coconut oil out of the jar. I use a little more than what's pictured above. I eventually want to work my way up to using a tablespoon because that's the recommended amount. It still feels too weird in my mouth so I started out small.

It's recommended that you oil pull before you drink anything and before brushing your teeth. I find that easy for me since the first thing I do in the morning is walk like a zombie to the shower. When I get out I oil pull and go about getting ready for work.

I oil pull for at least 10-15 minutes each morning. Just swishing the oil around in my mouth.

When I'm ready to brush my teeth I spit it out and start the process for brushing my teeth. While doing research for this post I learned that I should be spitting it out in the trash and not the sink. Ooops. That's to prevent your sink from clocking up.

I found some really great information (including the image above) from about Coconut Oil Pulling so definitely check it out if want some more information about it. He breaks down the history and other oils you can use. You can also click on the picture above and it'll take you to that page on his site.

Bottom line is, I've been oil pulling for the past 3 weeks now and I've seen a major difference. My teeth are whiter, my breath in the mornings is way better, and I even had a dentist appointment within the last 3 weeks that came back pretty good. All of that just from oil pulling with coconut oil once a day. Now I do it every morning and don't even think twice.

Now if only I could commit to working out every day for 3 weeks to build that habit too. hmmm


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